Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Day One--10 Simple Rules for the GOP

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Day One, 112th Congress--10 Simple Rules for the GOP: Malkin
USS Enterprise Captain Relieved of Duty in PC Witch Hunt: RSM
Alexander, GOP senators rally behind traditional filibuster rules: DC

Speaker Boehner: The revolution will be livestreamed: sisu
'New Speaker Vows to Share Power—a Tricky Proposition': ProWis
Bill Daley to become new White House chief of staff?: TAB

Ornery Repubs Talking Smack in Washington: Nice Deb
Filibuster “reform” pretty much going as assumed: Hot Air
We’re Keeping Tabs Now: The GOP Lame Duck Scorecard: PJM


Obama's Massive Land Grab: RWN
Obamacare's War on Doctors: IBD
Economics By Cartoon: Amity Shlaes

UAW deems being in a union a 'fundamental human right': BlogProf
Preview? Euro States Seizing Private Pensions: RWN
New federal law makes interns qualified to teach: SFGate

Climate & Energy

Guardian: UK Met Office Withheld Christmas Freeze Forecast: TAB
Good News! Global Warming Still Causes Snow And Cold!: RWN
UN IPCC shill 'roundly trashed' even by fellow Warmists: Depot


Chicago on the Potomac: Malkin
Dennis Miller's "The Big Speech" a Very Big Deal: PunditPress
Dede Scozzafava goes to work…for Andrew Cuomo: Malkin

CNN’s Wright-Free Zone Anchorman Joins Fox News: Driscoll
Attack of the Radical Egalitarians!: AT
Obama’s Encouraging Prediction: Republicans Will Play to Their Base: Malkin (Powers)

A Few Brief Thoughts on a Sarah Palin ReTweet: Tammy Bruce
Levin rips healthcare lies spewed by Rep Wasserman-Schultz: TRS
Boehner Making Calls for Maria Cino: Roll Call


The START Debacle - Stupidity, Cupidity & Duplicity: Wolf
Afghan Christian Faces Potential Death Sentence for Apostasy: Persecution (hat tip: Zilla)
Coptic Editor of Egyptian Weekly Pens Scathing Denunciation of Egyptian Regime, Society: MEMRI

Why Israel Is Losing the Information War: AT
Video: Female Jihadists Training to Fight Israel, Turn Themselves Into Human Bombs: WZ
Mexico's lone gun shop can't compete with black market: Seattle Times

Waiting for the PLA Shoe to Drop: Foundry
Vulture tagged by Israeli scientists, is arrested by Saudi police for spying (seriously): Cubachi
Muslims seen as threat by 4 in 10 French, Germans -- poll: Maktoob


Man uses computers to discover four planets: CNet
Investing Dying as Computer Trading, ETFs and Dark Pools Proliferate: CNBC
AT&T Service for Your Pill Bottle: WSJ


Kathy Griffin Without Makeup: iOTW (Strong content warning)
New Smart Roadster Design Inspiration: Robslog
Vanity License Plates Contest Winner: iOTW

Photos: 25 Unsung, Working Actors that Died in 2010: RWN
UFC Champ Jacob Volkmann Wants To Fight 'That Idiot' Obama: HFA
AGU Elects Vaunted Scientist Danny Glover El Presidente: CBullitt

Image: Barking Crayon.
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Zilla said...

Another great roundup, Doug (thanks for the Hat Tip). I don't know how you find the time to do it while inundated with all the anonymous trolls that have been showing up on every post you make lately, I guess it's just another aspect of your awesomeness. I'm off to go see Kathy Griffin with no makeup now, glad there is that warning in red so I can be prepared!

Anonymous said...

It's funny that you think that pissing people off makes him more awesome. What childlike mindset you must have.

The_Bad said...

It's funny that you mention childlike mindsets...

Crux of liberal argument: effectively restricting access is not an official ban.


That's it?

Keep kicking and screaming, moron. It's so un-childlike.