Monday, January 03, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Raging Against 'Them'; Early Fireworks for the 112th

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Raging Against "Them": Hanson
Early Fireworks Likely in the New Congress: Power Line
The Administration's Bureaucratic Tyranny Marches On: Townhall

How Obama Gets to 270 in 2012: PJM
Is The RNC On The Priebupice Of Disaster?: Riehl
Bush Derangement Syndrome vs. the Obama Hate Machine: AT

Schwarzenegger’s Shameful Final Act: Malkin
Obama's 2010 By the Numbers: SondraK
Will Obama Silence Blundering Abercrombie?: Cashill


Playing Politics with the National Debt: Driscoll
California’s Central Valley: Zimbabwe West?: Hot Air
Kaine: Obama too busy with ObamaCare to deal with jobs: Hot Air

Fish Wrap’s Kristof Calls For Economic “Equality”: RWN
NYC workers caught boozing instead of working during blizzard: Cubachi
How the Random Walk Became a Not So Random Climb: ZH

Climate & Energy

A Question To Ask Every Global Warming Proponent: Wolf Howling
Global warming saves a life: Powers
Florida's Coldest December Ever: TAB

New paper – “absence of correlation between temperature changes … and CO2″: WUWT
2011 Prediction: Media Hits New "Warming" Low: AmSpec
We're Saved! Coal-Powered Chevy Volt Sells a Whopping 350 Units: BlogProf


2010: the year that humbled the Media Establishment: Driscoll
NYTimes Nicholas Kristof: Only Big Government can solve “melancholy of the soul” — with more taxes!: ProWis
A List of Barely Socratic Questions to American Progressives: Cube

ABC Warns Republicans Against Challenging ObamaCare: NewsBusters
Bill Clinton Book Took 6 Years to Sell 2 Million – Bush Took 2 Months: STACLU
AP Item on Martinez's Inauguration in NM Notes 'Place in History,' Omits Status As Nation's First Latina Gov.: NewsBusters

Steve Malzberg Interviews Jeff Kuhner – If The Truth Got Out About Obama There Would Be A Civil War: NiceDeb
NPR Audio: 2010 was the year of racist, aging, white people (our taxpayer dollars hard at work): RWN
Sunset for the Criminals of Camelot: RWN


Hillary to Hugo: “Use me! Abuse me!”: Fausta
Failed State Watch: How Much Longer for Mexico?: PJM
NYC: AT Least Ten Synagogues Threatened in Bomb Warning: Atlas

A New Age of Warfare: NoQuarter
In Case You Missed It: Merry Revolutionary Christmas From CPUSA!: RSM
Egyptian security guards withdrew an hour before jihad bombing at church: JihadWatch


Top Scientific Breakthroughs of 2010: Wired
Apple support company sues customer for complaining: CNet
iPhone Users Experience Third Failure of Alarm Clock Function Over Weekend: Bloomberg

Is Google the Next Yahoo?: Insider
A One-of-a-Kind Amphibious Hydrocar You Can Buy: Jalopnik
Verizon Wireless to Showcase Google-Powered 4G Phones: WSJ


My "Blackberry" Isn't Working, Man Tells Fruit Vendor: Consumerist
Just in Time for the 112th Congress: Diogenes
Star Trek VS Batman - Part 1 : RacSome - YouTube

A High Point: Maggie's Farm
With unemployment at 10%, Obama seen sipping on a Slurpee: BlogProf
1968 Shelby Mustang Gt500KR Road Test: the King of the Road Earns Its Crown: Jalopnik

Image: Hydro-car -- Jalopnik.
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