Saturday, January 01, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Hello 2011; The Five Best Human Beings in America

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The Five Best Human Beings in America: JPA
2010: The Year They Came for the Constitution: PJM (Shiver)
The 2011 Congressional Agenda: AT

Holder: New Black Panther Case a 'Made-up Controversy' : JWF
Eric Holder’s ‘Made-Up’ Defense: Adams
So much for bipartisanship -- a slew of recess appointments: JRubin


Slow the Plow: Big Labor's Death Grip: Malkin
ObamaCare disaster is the legacy of Democrats' moment of power: York
Obama sneaks another big-time lobbyist into DOJ: WashExam

ObamaCare: Definitely Imposing Higher Costs on ‘The Poor’: RWN
Councilman Dan Halloran Speaks: Patterico
Snowplow Slowdown Update: Targeting Specific Neighborhoods: Patterico

Catching on to the Entitlement Disaster: Power Line
Census: States with Low Taxes Have Higher Growth Rates: WashExam
Bigger government encourages more poverty MNR

Climate & Energy

Court Temporarily Blocks EPA's Texas Power Grab: Ace
Holy Shnikeys -- Great Britain Experiences Coldest Winter in 1,000 Years: GWP
Only 9,099 Of Last 10,500 Years Warmer Than 2010: NRO

Perfect: Scottish Wind Turbines Freeze Up, Requiring Importation of Power: BlogProf
EPA Rules Will Trump Your Rights: IBD
Time Magazine and Global Warming: WUWT


The Stealthy Spread of Socialism in the U.S.: AT
Planned Parenthood: Corrupting the Kids It Doesn’t Kill: RWN
Book Excerpt: The Last Mission in Iraq: BMW

It’s getting harder to tell the good guys from the bad guys: RedState
A 2010 Retrospective: Sargen
Peace Through Religious Freedom: Zilla

Thirty (or so) End of Year Quotes of 2010: Pundette
Ezra Klein In The Cross-hairs Of Right Wing Outrage: Double Dutch
Top Bloggers Appreciation: AmPower


New Year slaughter of Christians in Egypt shows we’re all in it together against Islamism: Shepherd
Israel game changer: Natural gas find off Hiafa largest worldwide in 10 years: Ace
France Steels Itself for Annual Muslim Car Burnings: Atlas

Happy New Year, Ahmadinejad…from Bristol Farms, Amazon and The Chef’s Warehouse!: Simon
2010: The Atlas Year in Review: Atlas
One of World's Largest Bullion Banks Has Sold Out of Silver Bullion: ZH


Home Internet with Tor Anonymity Built In: TechReview
Drop-dead sexy audio gear from here and abroad: CNet
Predictable: Despite green car hype, SUV sales led auto industry rebound in 2010: BlogProf


Are You Feeling Lucky, Punk? Well, Are Ya?: iOTW
Naval Air Museum, Pensacola 2008: CDSG
Triangulation, Trifecta and a Trio of Appetizers: MOTUS

Happy New Year, Fellow Fabulous Losers: CBullitt
Nice Rug, Eh?: iOTW
Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™: Wizbang

Image: Why is it called a 'Klein Bottle'? (IowaHawk)
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Thanks for the linkage, Doug.
Happy new year!

robot said...

Always makes my day to be listed here. Thanks!
I hope the coming year is better than you wish it to be. Cheers!