Monday, October 11, 2010


I'm serious. I can quit photoshopping. Anytime I want.

Stealing a page from FDR's failed playbook, The New York Times' Paul Krugman thinks more borrowing and spending is in order. As an aside, Krugman's nickname is "Contrary Indicator."

Moonbattery also dug up some shocking new photos.

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Anonymous said...


THOSE PHOTO_ARTworks simply made my late evening.

After a very long, long, long day, that was pure gold.

Give the ROSS talent the GOLD.



This fool was involved at the Enron folly too - no?

What haven't Democrats destroyed over the years?

Let's just slander the Chamber of Commerce while we take tons of foreign bucks, offering more lies to the American Public.

And Hillary's PEACE is one big embarrassment as well. What a shock - 'smart power' and Democratic Partisan Economics is a joke.

Will NOV be a sincere dose of karma - justice? Are we seeing a healthy GOP - CHRISTIE - like takeover of the US Congress?

Please, please, please.