Thursday, October 14, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Left-Wing Radicals and the Conservative Growth Spurt

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Left-Wing Radicals and the Conservative Growth Spurt: AT
FLOTUS begs voters to give her hubby more time: GWP
Illinois military disenfranchisement scandal: Marathon

Harry Reid about to be hit with new ethics complaints: WZ
Second Prize is TWO dates with Michelle Obama: WyBlog
Barbara Boxer approved material support for terrorists: BigGovt


White House strategy: Export jobs. Import debt. Repeat: Malkin
Destroying Schools to Achieve 'Racial Justice': AT
Paid $25M in Stimulus Funds; Cut 18,000 US Jobs: RWN

Court refuses FOIA access to Fannie Mae contribution records: WZ
Great: Obama learns there's no such thing as 'shovel-ready': Hot Air
A Positive Feedback Loop That Will Collapse The System: Insider

Three Things Government Cannot Do: AT
We're further down the Road to Serfdom than you think: TAB
So who's left to demonize? Girl Scouts? Rotary Clubs?: Harsanyi

Climate & Energy

Smacking Down Ross 'Doughboy' Douthat: Riehl
EPA Set To Greenlight Use Of Ethanol 15 This Week: RWN


Chamber of Commerce to Jake Tapper: WH Wants Our Donor Lists So Its Allies Can Intimidate Our Donors: Nice Deb
Behar Rips Bachmann: 'She’s Against Children'; Ignores She Raised Her 5 Children, Fostered 23: NewsBusters
Obama just threw Congress under the bus: MoneyRunner

Media Pushes NOW Is the ‘Voice of Women’ Lie: RWN
And After All They've Done for Him: Driscoll
Swastikas Painted On A Jewish Candidate’s Sign: Why Isn’t This A Front Page Story?: RWN

A Matter of Accountability: AT
Allen West: “If I were a fiscally irresponsible person, I’d be a member of the Democrat Party”: Cubachi
Mr. President, I demand that you attack me!: Surber


Al-Qaeda Magazine Urges Attacks on ‘Soft’ Targets: PJM
How's That Socialism Workin' Out for Ya?: AT
Hezbollah Thugs Offer Ahmadinajad Dead Sheep For His Visit: GWP

Why Not a 'Fortress America' Policy?: AT
Congressional Muslim Staffers Hosted Second Al-Qaeda Cleric on Capitol Hill: PJM
Heartwarming News o' the Day: Explosion Kills 18 of Iran's Revolutionary Guards : JWF


Final Miner Rescued. 33 For 33: Ace
Killing 'The Jetsons': CNS
Apple now third-largest PC seller in U.S.: CNet


The Original Marty McFly in Back to the Future: Ace
The Amazing Photo That Took 40 Years to Get: TAB
Murkowski Camp: No Comment On Senator's Alleged History Of Cocaine Abuse: Riehl

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