Sunday, October 10, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Obama’s “foreign money” claims are bogus

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Obama’s “foreign money” claims are bogus: Instapundit
Politics Upside Down: Hanson
They could see tyranny from two centuries away: Cold Fury

Violent Rhetoric, Extraordinary Popular Delusions: Driscoll
Dueling Addresses: RWN
Sources: Brown's Wife Called Whitman a 'Whore': PunPre


The Coming Middle-Class Anarchy: Gonzalo Lira
Chris Coons: Weapon of Mass Jobs Destruction: Freedomist
Obama's Legal Team Takes a Page from FDR's Playbook: AT

The Criminal Intent of ObamaCare: AmSpec
Obamacare firesale: Three hospitals for sale in PA: WashExam
What’s really going on with Project Gulf Impact?: IBCR

Economic Nonsense from Ezra Klein at the Washington Post: Mish
Can We Privatize the National Debt?: PJM
Deficit? What Deficit? Spending shoots up 9%: AT

Climate & Energy

Harold Lewis’ Scathing Resignation Letter From The APS: CBullitt
Even Dying is Now Bad for the Climate: RWN
I guess they really are Phuked: CBullitt


Even the Gray Lady Senses a Landslide: Uncoverage
It's About Freaking Time: Protein Wisdom
Finally, more than a dime’s worth of difference between the parties: Hot Air

New York TImes: The Pamela Geller Interview: Atlas
FrumForum Blogger Fired by Daily Caller Over Pedophile Controversy: AmPower
What's More Surprising About the President's Rhetoric?: RWN

The Top 10 Ways the Left Sees Obama: RWN
Bush vs. Obama: Who Was the Better President?: GWP
Jerry Brown Associate Calling Meg Whitman ‘Whore’ Has Effect on NOW Endorsement: Malkin

Could Democrats have had a month worse than August?: Greenroom
Vanity Fair - No Space For "The Jewish Problem With Obama" But Plenty For Palin-Bashing: LegalIns
Angry Rightwing Housewife takes on the SEIU : ARWHW


Flotsam and Jetsam: JRubin
A Dysfunctional Foreign Policy Team: The Obama Administration's New Problem: BRubin
The Grauniad on the EDL and the Tea Parties: GoV


Animal Farm: SondraK
Is Oil a Renewable Resource?: AT
Sticker Shock Here, Boss: C&S


Sarah Palin and Joe Miller Headline Combat Veterans for Congress Gala: GWP
True Grit Trailer: Protein Wisdom
Unfortunate Headline Juxtaposition of the Day: Drawn Cutlass

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Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Let's Drop an O-Bomb in Honor of Obama (Allen West)

QOTD: Thanks for reminding us, Barack: "If they take the House, there are a lot of things the Rs might want to investigate, and things their whacko supporters will scream to have investigated, but the one thing that they absolutely should investigate is the Obama campaign finance practices from 2008. Not only would it be targeted to an area of legitimate concern, but they might actually learn something that could be used to fix existing statutes." -- Instapundit reader Harrison Colter

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